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2010-11-15 19:53:20 by mastercilona

Not that anybody in this world cares, but im half way done with that animation i promised a long long time ago. honest to god i believe im talking to myself here, but if theres anyone who read my last post and has been hanging on to that single piece of information, sorry to keep you waiting pal. The movie should of been long done by now, im not gonna lie. but due to lack of motivation/inspiration to animate and other things life decided to throw at me, it still sits there, unfinished. Im not saying i wont go back to it, im saying i wont go back to it until i have something to inspire me to do so. so untill then, i guess ill throw you a screen, besides the one on my profile. see ya on the flipside. 1/mastercilona/screenyete.jpg


2009-12-27 23:01:12 by mastercilona

Well i know my past animations have been a flop... BUT... ive decided to start on a new one that im pretty sure no one will be dissapointed in, because its gonna be pretty lengthy (for all the right reasons) and im going to put my blood sweat and tears into it.. so till then, peace